Louis Vuitton Panda Key Chain

  1. Hi guys!
    I'm absolutley DESPERATE for the 2004 Panda Key Chain by Takashi Murakami!

    I have searched high and low only to find one for $300 which I'm not sure is authentic, and one for $45 which I am immediately dismissing as a fake.

    I heard a rumor that a few stores still stock the product but i doubt i will find a store with any in. Anyone know of a place i can purchase an Authentic one?

    Cheers guys :smile:!

  2. Hi Ethan! Welcome to tPF!

    The last time I checked, which was about a month ago, the entire US was completely sold out.

    eBay would now be your best bet. :yes:
  3. Cheers! I did think that was the case! :sad:!
    Oh well. I suppose I can always dream!
    I have found one on eBay, its $320 and second hand.
    But tbh, I might just search for one and wait!
  4. Oh wow thanks for that!
    Ill be sure to have a look :smile:
    And sorry about posting it in the wrong area! I had to many tabs open! ahha!
  5. Saw one in one of the New York/NJ locations, last week. Try Saks 5th Ave in NYC
  6. I bought the last one in Belgium Brussels a looong time ago.... I would sell it to you, but it's VERY dirty, scratched and has my initials on it LOL
  7. Ha! Thanks anyway Andzrej!

    And my Aunty lives in NY so i'll get her to give them a call to have a look!

    Does anyone know the original Retail price of these?

    Thanks guys
  8. You never know, some stores still carry LV LE items. I have one and I really love it. It's the cutest thing ever:yes:.

    I just saw two Panda key chain auctions on eBay right now. Both of them are brand new and seem authentic to me. Also their prices are lower than $300.



    Good Luck hunting! :smile:
  9. I think I bought it for Cdn$180. THe US$ price must be a lot less than that at that time. Maybe you can call Toronto store. I got it there when they first issue.
  10. Hi im quite posative that it was £74 which is like $148 :smile:
  11. my panda was 105 euros exact. hope you find one, mine is sitting next to me in my bag lol all messed up
  12. I paid $150 USD for mine if I remember correctly... :hrmm:
  13. Thanks guys! My SA says she did a search but couldnt find one for me atall!

    Looks like an eBay jobby i think!

  14. Remember Saks, Macy's, bloomies, etc are not on same line for stock as the LV stores, so one of those stores might have it and not show up. Also LV stores do not enter everything they have (they are sneaky that way) My store recieved 2 Tivoli (one PM and One GM) and they told me they were not putting that stock into the system, saving for their customers and once sold it would go in as a minus
    Also becarefull of the fakes out there, doing a search and came across fakes for 14.99