Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack

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  1. Hi everyone. I was hoping to get your help and opinion. I am looking for a mommy bag and was thinking of getting the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack in MM. Has anyone used this as an everyday baby bag?
  2. Hey OP, noticed no one posted on here... I don't own the Palm Springs backpack in MM but I'm on the wait list for the mini...

    I think it would be a useful bag because of its space but from watching my sister raise her two sons, I'm not sure if a backpack will be the best option as a baby bag.

    I think a backpack would be slightly inconvenient. Say for example, what if you need something while you're holding your little one? You're going to need to slip your backpack off a bit to access the bag and grab your things.

    And if it's on both shoulders, removing one strap to get into bag while holding your baby will be quite a task.

    Also, the backpack doesn't have lots of slots and pockets. You would need to find a way to organize the backpack by probably getting a custom bag organizer so that you can organize all your baby's things. You could throw everything in but I think that will drive you nuts. And I really don't think that an organizer would work that well in the bag because the backpack isn't wide but has a good amount of depth...so you'll have an awkwardly tight fit for everything.

    All in all, I would probably pass on the backpack just because of the not so easy access and inability for organization. I think you're better off using a speedy 30/35 Bandouliere or some sort of easy access shoulder bag/messenger. Then you get the pockets and the ability to have a purse organizer too.

    Even the Neverfull would work but I think with all that weight, it would get a little taxing unless it's hanging in or off a stroller all day.
  3. I have a 2yo toddler and I bought the Palm Springs Backpack MM for the sole purpose of using it as a Mommy Bag when travelling on a plane. The first time i used it, it was just me and my son travelling so i did not carry any handbag with me and just had the backpack on my back. I dont use it as an everyday baby bag.