louis vuitton or gucci? please help

  1. i have a dilemma. i haved saved up and saved up and now i have come to a difficult decision. do i buy the louis vuitton speedy 35 bag or the gucci duchessa bag? i need somethig that is big enough for my books because i am in college but a bag that i can also use everyday. the thing is i've bee dreaming of the louie, literally its been in my dreams, but then i saw the gucci and now i am torn, because the louie is a popular bag so i like that i havent seen people with the gucci but i have a lot of gucci bags already and no louis vuitton. which one would be the better choice? because i have no idea! helppp pleaseeeee
  2. I would say the speedy but i'm biased, it's not perfect for school though
  3. Any pics?
  4. I say go with the LV if that's what you've been wanting for so long. Who cares if you haven't seen people with the Gucci bag? Does that really matter more than how long you've been wanting the LV? If I want something I don't care how many people do or do not have it.
  5. Generally, I lean towards the LV, too. But are you sure that you'd want to go with a handheld bag for schoolbooks? That's going to get awefully heavy to carry around.
  6. I have a gucci tote and an LV Bosphore backpack .. sounds like you may want to go with your dream bag but do consider the idea of something maybe not hand held if you want to carry a lot of heavy books. Either choice will be a long lasting beautiful bag.
  7. thank you all i think im going to follow everyones advice and get the LV. i appreciate your concern about the handheld thing however i am willing to sacrifice my comfort to look cute, plus my books arent heavy they just take up a nice amount of space and i carry a lot of make up i think that might be heavier then my books haha so i just need a big cute bag so i think your right im going to go with the speedy
  8. Good decission Groovy:tup:

    I'm partial to LV's myself since they hold their value (even increases depending how you take care of it), and they're a timeless classic. You can never go wrong with an LV purchase.:okay:
  9. i have a speedy 30 but i don't think it will be comfortable for carrying books. it is roomy but the leather is too soft... can u post some pics of gucci? (i havent seen the gucci yet but i think that since both brands are popular, u should go for something you don't have.)
  10. I love that you said you're willing to sacrifice comfort to look cute. That just cracked me up to no end. You made a good choice...although you couldn't lose with either.
  11. yeah!!!!!
    LV !!!
  12. glad you decided with LV
  13. Good choice!
  14. If you want the LV badly, get the LV. You said you have Gucci already. Perhaps it's time for something different. It shouldn't matter who else is carrying it. What matters is that you love it.
  15. you made the right choice.... LV!!!!!! LV speedy is a classic bag. You will be able to carry it forever. Plus like you said you already have Gucci's you need some LV.