Louis Vuitton or anything else?

  1. Hi there

    I absolutely love this site and I am new to this forum

    So for my birthday, I decided to invest in a nice designer handbag. Any suggestions as to what brand I should buy?

    I really like Louis Vuitton but I am sure nowadays there are more current and latest designers out there.

    The Louis Speedy is nice, around the price I want to spend. Any other suggestions? I also admit I am worried to buy anywhere but the authorized stores.

    Thanks in advanced for your help.:p
  2. i love speedy! i have it in cerises 25, although i don't wear it as much as my balenciaga bags because i'm worried about the vachetta on LV bags... :p
  3. Wow I just looked up the cerises 25..looks gorgeous. I am droooling! :drool:

    I cant seem to find it on the Louis website though...

    It looks like a great daytime bag.

    I know Speedy is pretty popular.

    Thanks for your suggestion :smile:
  4. you will NOT be disappointed if you get a speedy. and there is monogram but if you don't want to worry about the leather or if that's too much logo there is always the damier line
  5. Get the speedy! It's my favorite bag, and it will last you forever.
  6. You can't go wrong with a Speedy. It's been around forever and it probably always will be. It's classy, chic, understated, and fairly indestructible. I think it would make a nice start to your collection.

    Happy Birthday! And let us know what you choose.
  7. I say LV speedy!
  8. Speedy all the way !! The CERISE were a special collection they won't make it annymore.
  9. Yes, you will have to be a used Cerises speedy if that is what you decide you want. :yes:
  10. LV speedy! I am going to get my first LV too and I am going to get the Speedy.
  11. I'd definitely go for the Speedy as a first bag. Either monogram or Damier are great..and I'd probably go with the 30.
  12. A Mono Speedy is a great first bag, I would also get a 30! : )
  13. Speedy monogram 30
  14. Agree with everyone, go for Speedy. =)
  15. I have the mono speedy 25 and love it. Go for it.