Louis Vuitton Opera line - Anyone?

  1. Apparently the Opera line was first made around 1990 and only in three models - Delph (the L does'nt show in the photo), Athenes and the Egee and only in red or black - the line was dis-continued in the early 1990s.

    Has anyone got something in the Opera line? I'm dying to see more of this model. :heart:
    DSCN0669.JPG DSCN0670.JPG DSCN0671.JPG 11ad_1.jpg
  2. wow. iv never seen those before but they are very pretty.
    thanks for posting them.
  3. How interesting!
    i have never seen those before.
    Thanks for the pictures and information!
  4. I haven't seen them before either, LOVE IT!
  5. THOSE R SO COOL!! weird how noone has heard about them :confused1:
  6. Wow they are beautiful.
  7. whoa. how cool. i've never seen those before.
  8. I've seen these before, mainly on eBay. I've seen the black clutch go for around $400.
  9. Those are really pretty. Very cool!
  10. Yep, I have the Black Egee in my closet.
  11. wow, how very interesting!
  12. I saw one of the these recently for sale on eBay and didn't know if it was real.....but they are really cool!
  13. Yeah I like kinda like 'em... vintage and unique! :tup:
  14. Pretty line. I just started collecting LV last year so I've never seen them. But I enjoyed the pics so thanks for posting. You can never know too much about LV.:graucho: