Louis Vuitton Online store coming!

  1. Girls, I don't know if anyone has posted this already, but I read in WWD yesterday that LV will have an online U.S. store by the end of 2007. The article also said that the Speedy and Alma were the best selling bags!

    Just wanted to share! :yahoo:

    I have been using my Speedy 35 since October every work day! I :heart: it!

    Have a great day! ;)
  2. OMG>>> That is far out
  3. I wonder whether eluxury will continue to offer LV if that's the case?
  4. maybe i have the wrong info..but doesn't LV own eluxury.com?
  5. Yes, LV does.
  6. they may continue to sell dior and everything else through elux but LV through its own site. Which will be good because now they can track purchases for customers and see frequency and amount of purchases when determining VIP status and nt just count boutique purchases
  7. Oh that makes sense. I have always wondered why the US was the only location where LV had to go through a larger all-encompassing store.

    UK & France always seem to have more inventory online, too.
  8. Hopefully they´ll ship here too finally..
  9. I'm happy for you guys, but to be honest, I don't see what it's good for. I mean, you already have elux.. Of course, if they decide to be less arrogant and actually ship outside the US of A, I'll be thrilled, but something tells me they won't.
  10. I don't think it's "arrogance". Come on.

    There are laws about shipping, tariffs, and taxes which most of us are unaware of, which are most likely responsible for limiting where they can ship. My company's online store doesn't even ship to Canada because of these reasons, not to mention the hassles of currency exchanges rates, etc.
  11. Will we still have to pay tax if LV shifts from ELux to their own site?
  12. cool
  13. Sales tax is determined by the location of the company's distribution center (warehouse) and the location of their main offices, which can encompass several states. That is why right now it's CA and TN. Their headquarters is in San Francisco.
  14. That'd be nice to see a change.
  15. I think its a good idea! it will proably help LV make more $ because they have more on their site available, like hard sided luggage, jewelry, things eluxury doesnt ALWAYS have, although it has a few but not all. They may keep eluxury up and still sell LV on there as just another resource, who knows. I am all for it!