Louis Vuitton Olympe

  1. Anyone got any idea how much the bags in the Olympe series costs? :smile:

    Saw something I like................... but I dont wanna disturb my SA, as I've send her so many messages yesterday ;s
  2. I know the nimbus (hobo style) is US$2,550!
  3. The Stratus PM is $2,400. You can call the 1866 number to find out about the prices.
  4. Hmmm, I;m not living in USA


    I hate waiting for the operator on phone when I'm calling overseas. Called paypal once and I got redirected non stop for 1 hr with no answer. Ever since that incident, no overseas call to USA for me. :S
  5. All in prices are in USD:

    Nimbus- $2,550

    Stratus PM- $2,400
    Stratus GM- $3,300

    Cirrus $2,700
  6. Appreciated John 5! :smile:
  7. if you want one of the Olympe bags, you have to get on the waitlist NOW. i got on it yesterday for the Stratus PM, and i think i was already a little late :hrmm:
  8. ^^I know ...I am hoping for a stratus PM but I think I left it WAY too late now:crybaby: Anyone know how limited this range is???
  9. I just got a call for the pm!!! I got on the waitlist maybe 3 weeks ago?
  10. I would call straight away to go on the list if you want one of these!
    I really want the Stratus PM but also think I am too late and will miss out.:crybaby:
  11. I'm so late on these. but now I want one.

    So classy and timeless I think :yes:
  12. The Stratus PM is only US$2400?? Someone told me it's AU$3450 here!! We are way way way overpriced!
  13. STratus PM - SGD$3900
    Cirrus - SGD$4300
  14. nimbus pm both dark and light color is $1950

    i just ordered the black nimbus pm to be shipped to me
  15. I've been seeing this bag floating ard lately and looks really unique/pretty. Looks like if we were to get one will have to waitlist, not sure if it's the same in singapore.