Louis Vuitton old model neverfull

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  1. I purchased this Neverfull pre loved and its from 2008 where the zipper pocket is not stitched to the bag. The side where the bag is slouches down. What can I do? Is there anybody else with the same problem? It just bugs me. I wish I could find a way to keep that part straight up.

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  2. I have an OM 2012. Can you show a pic of the inside with the pocket? I never noticed this with mine before.
  3. My OM Delightful GM did the same thing. I just had to sell it no matter how much I loved that bag.
  4. Mine doesn't do that. The previous owner must've overloaded the pocket. Maybe you can "train" it to stop doing that by bending it the other way constantly? That would drive me crazy though.
  5. Yes I think that the previous owner must have overloaded the pocket. I don't even use the pocket for that reason and I've been trying to train it to go the other way. What seems to work is when I wear it cinched and with the clasp closed, it doesn't bend down. So I guess I'm going to have to wear it that way.
  6. After 2008 they started stitching the bag and the pocket together so yours would be fine.