Louis Vuitton of Puerto Rico/St. Thomas?

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  1. Hey,

    Wanted to see if anyone had some insight on the Louis Vuitton of Puerto Rico or St. Thomas. In less then 2 weeks I'm going on a cruise where I'm hitting both ports. Does anyone know if either store is close to the ports and if the duty free shopping applies?

    If so I'm thinking I may need to take advantage...:graucho:

  2. If you aren't receiving a response, you can always try Google Maps ! :yes:
  3. I believe the STT one is relatively close to port, with all of the other shopping in the little mall area.

    I imagine that they would put the stores close to the cruise ports to maximize their customer base. STT gets mostly tourists from the cruises. I think it's a love-hate relationship, from what the St John people were telling us.

    Don't know enough about PR, sorry!
  4. They is def one in PR....that's where I got my first louie!!!! not sure how close it is to ports! Enjoy your vaca!!!!
  5. I've been to the one in St-Thomas. Our ship docked right next to the shopping area (Yatch Haven Grande) where it is. The staff there was great and it was such a cute little LV shop. Their stock is much less because of the size, so don't be shocked if they don't have everything you're looking for.
  6. The PR boutique is close to The port, not walking distance but 5 minutes in taxi.
    The SA are very nice. The taxes are 7% not duty free :sad:
    they open Monday to saturday 9 to 5:00.
    Good luck
  7. Thanks everyone for your feedback! This was helpful although it would be more exciting yet dangerous if it was duty free!
  8. I believe St Thomas is duty free. I bought some sunnies there a few yrs ago...
  9. Also, because it is a U.S. territory, the $ amount that can be brought back to the States without paying duty is higher. I forget the amount though.
  10. Yes, I have purchased from the St. Thomas before- it has a good selection; duty free and close to port in an outside shopping mall which also has some other designer stores. Very nice. Good luck and have fun in your cruise!
  11. St. Thomas it is! :biggrin: Thanks all for all of your knowledge!
  12. I have been to both of these places on a cruise and I didn't see a LV. I was allover the place, but I guess not in the right place.

    I saw Coach and Longchamp Boutiques in both places.
  13. Just got back from a cruise and visited both stores.
    The St. Thomas store is duty free, but the PR store is not.
  14. Dumb question alert....
    How do the SAs know not to charge tax? I'm planning on going there while on my cruise in July.
  15. There are no dumb questions ... hope this answers your question though :smile:

    Duty and Tax are two separate things.

    Duty is what your home country charges you for bringing in items to your home country from another country. If it is duty free, then you are not charged this when you bring those items home.

    Tax is what each country/state/province you are visiting/purchasing in charges for goods and/or services.

    Many countries (not all) have a tax refund for visitors/travelers. Usually, the way the tax refund works is that the store charges you the tax, then fills out a special form describing what you bought, the total cost and how much of that total is tax. There usually is a minimum purchase price to be able to do this.

    You then take that form, your receipts, your passport, and the goods to the customs agency of the country you are leaving (usually after passing airport/port security) to prove that A) you are indeed a visitor to that country, and B) are indeed taking the goods out of the country. The customs agent will stamp the refund form, which you then take to the kiosk for a cash refund or mail it in if you prefer a refund on your credit card.

    If you're on a cruise, usually there is at least one staff person (like the personal shopper) who can explain to you how this would work for the locations you visit during your cruise.