louis vuitton obsession

  1. hey guys im new to the thread its so nice to finally be somewhere where obsessing about lv is ok lol ...i used to be just into coach bags they were relaxed and i could bang them around then when my now husband proposed to me he did it in a speedy 30 and i fell in love with louis vuitton that was two years ago since then he has bought me several other coach bags and the papillion 26 and last year my favorite the louis vuitton cerises speedy 25 im now looking to furthur my collection with me choosing one bc up until now he buys them for my bday or xmas i really like the lv wapity its so cute and sometimes i want lv but now im my big bags just want to know what you guys think anyone who has one and also im looking for an lv wallet something i can put 4-5 credit cards and bills but dont want to spend too much any recommendations i will be purchasing from eluxury any feedback appreciated thanks:heart:
  2. A bigger bag you might enjoy is the Batignolles Horizontal. I've got one and love it! I've got the Porte-Tresor International wallet, but it's pretty big, and might be bigger than what you're looking for.

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    For wallet you can get Porte tresor International, French purse or zipped compact wallet.
  4. I have the Zipped Compact Wallet and I love it!
  5. Welcome!! I LOVE my Suhali Porte-Tresor International! :biggrin::heart:
  6. I second the recommendation for the BH!!! It's a great bag: comfortable, versatile and gets lots of compliments! :love:
  7. im actually looking for something smaller dont get me wrong i luvvv my big bags but i hate that sometime i go to dinner and i dont want to use coach and my fendi is red and i mostly have big lv is the wapity not of a fav or you gals ? and if no what would u recommend and if yes im debating if should get the white muticolor only bc all my lv are the classic monorgram canvas except for my cerises speedy ? help ladies

    thanks a bunch

  8. yummy

    whut color is yours?
  9. How about the Vernis Houston?
    I think it's a bag that can easily go from day to night...plus it's chic.

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  10. Zipped Compact Wallet i luvvv it definitly what im looking for....and that wapity case is driving me nuts i want it...

    wow jo your bag collection is amazing how long have you been collecting??! you my role model lol
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  12. how about BK MC koala?? i just got mine 2 days ago, and LOVE it:love:
  13. How about a french purse?
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    I suggest a multi color ALMA, its one of those bag that turns my head every time.
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