Louis Vuitton "nude" clutch match nude CLs? Help!

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  1. So I recently purchased the new Sobe Clutch in the Rose (nude) color but returned it because I didn't have anything to match it! Now I know Christian Louboutin has Nude colored pumps that may match. Does anyone know if the two colors are the same "nude" shade, if that makes sense. Any help will be very much appreciated! I don't own a pair of nude CLs so if anyone here does, please let me know if the colors match.

  2. if you do a little research and post some pics of the clutch and some shoes you might have in mind, ppl here will be glad to post their opinions. it looks to me as if it would go with some nude patent louboutins, but not the beige ones. they are a little more darker/yellow. i have not seen the clutch in person though so i cannot be sure.
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    your link takes me to the lv page only and not to the clutch..

    this is the one I presume?


    it does look like the same shade as the CL nude but sometimes there are variants on color you cannot see on screen. maybe if someone here has seen the clutch in person they can chime in...

    oh and here is a good reference thread for CL nudes

    Post Photos of your *NUDE CLs* here
  4. it looks more pink , but you dont have to match your shoes to your bag anymore just as long as they compliment....

  5. OMG! Thanks so much! Yes! That is the clutch! I've seen it in person put I haven't really seen the CLs... But I think that they're similar enough to where I can pull it off. Thanks Everyone!
  6. I think the new Spring color from LV - Rose matches very well with the CL nude ( the pinkish/blush nude, not the beige nude version). I've seen the Alma vernis in person and the color is tdf! I own the nude VPs and really think it would be an almost perfect match most definitely! :tup:
  7. LVprincess - I don't know if this is taboo to say but I think it would look great even if the shoes and clutch aren't a perfect match. They are close enough in tone so the combo would look great together. I'm also a fan of things being a little "off" sometimes. Adds a bit of pizzazz. :biggrin:
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