Louis vuitton noè.... To buy or not to buy that is the question?!

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm looking into buying another Louis and really like the look of the noè.
    I haven't really seen much of it and would really appreciate some feedback on what people think of it?
    Is it a good bag? Is it a good size for well to be honest, a lot of junk?! Is it practical (I have two children so this is key to me buying it)
    Any help would be very much appreciated :smile:
  2. Are you looking at the monogram Noe or the epi?
    I have the epi Noe in Ivoire and I love it. It holds a lot and easy to get things in/out. The only drawback is having to tie the drawstring as I like to have the bag tied. Otherwise, it's a great bag.
  3. Ow gosh yes, sorry, I'm looking at the monogram in the larger size.
    Ive always been a fan of bigger bags so I can fit in lots for my boys!
    I've never actually seen a noè so coming on here is the only way I can figure out if I really do like it?!
  4. i have a monogram noe and i love it!
    I'm also a mommy of 2 :smile: It fits alot of stuff but can be quite heavy on the shoulder. It can be worn as a crossbody but it hits high, for me it hits at my waist.
  5. How is the bottom of the bag holding up? I'm a little nervous that it'll be easy to get dirty or scratched?
    That'd be my worst nightmare :sad:
  6. I love the Noe! Definitely get it! They have some pre-loved for super cheap also on Yoogi's and Malleries.
  7. I owned one for years, and it's very hard to keep the bottom looking good. Also, there is no organization inside the bag ~ just a big hole that you have to dig into. The leather that ties around the top is always coming undone, and lastly, when it's on your shoulder, it is very boxy and swings and does hit things. But with AJ modeling a brand new one, I'm sure alot of women will be purchasing this LV icon. I also had the petit noe, and I found it much more manageable.
  8. large noe in azur was my first lv. i personally loved it. it is big (but i love big bags anyway) and could fit anything. i once stuffed it with my jacket (well, not a winter one, a light, spring kind of jacket). Yes, it lacks organization and it is like a big hole but i didn't mind because it is so open that i could easily see inside. i used to wear it crossbody too but it's not meant to be worn like that as it sits too high on the waist. It was comfortable and i personally didn't find it heavy. Now, the bottom is boxy and stands out. And it is structured so you may occasionally bang onto things or people.. But the reason i gave up the bag was due to the vachetta. i like patina BUT you have to be careful with this one and i dont want to baby my bags too much. There was some color transfer on the bottom from blue jeans, but i don't remember getting any scratches.. I am seriously thinking to let my siracusa go in order to fund this again just because i miss it so much but the only thing that holds me back is that whenever i see an old large noe (mono or azur) the bottom looks like hell you know? It kind of turns me off and it is too bad. Yet, there are TPFs here that their patina noes still look beautiful but i don't know how they manage it, i never treated the vachetta in any of my bags so i dont know. I don't know if I helped or confused you more!! good luck!:smile:
  9. I have a 16 year old Noe - by far my most favorite bag. I find that it has lots of room. I have no problems with the bag swinging and hitting things. I do agree it can feel boxy. The vachetta bottom can be worrisome especially if you purchase brand new. I purchased pre-loved and used LMB to clean the vachetta. I think it looks great!


    I did a review on the Noe with before & after shots from cleaning.
  10. I have epi noe and love it. You can fit a lot of stuff in it.
  11. oh my god!! it looks so beautiful... now, that is what i dream of, thanks for sharing! Do you by any chance know if the previous owner treated the fresh new vachetta with anything? i am too afraid to put anything when it is brand new..
  12. I don't know if they treated it with anything :shrugs:
  13. ok, thanks! i miss it so much and your photo made me think about it seriously!:biggrin:
  14. Ow gosh so many thoughts! The patina is something that worries me, I like it but not too dark!
    And having no organisation and the cord not staying tied isn't a problem, I have the neverfull gm and thats fine. I quite like the noè untied anyway :smile:
    It's really the bottom that bothers me :/
    Ooow decisions decisions?!
    I'm only short so I'm hoping the shoulder strap will be Ok as a side strap?