Louis Vuitton New Bags

  1. Hello to everybody... i need an help do you have photo of the new bags of LV????
    I need the photo of Lv Alma Miroire in gold and the keepall in limieted editons.....
    Thanks to all

    Ps i need photo to show my dad for bought for me:wlae: :graucho:
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum!!! You will love it here. If you do a search in the forum you will get many, many threads about the Mirroir line. Just click where it says search, and a little box will come up, and just type mirroir line, and believe me, you will see many pictures.
  3. besides Miroir, make sure you search the misspellings too :lol:. they'll bring up a lot of results!

    Mirior, Mirroir, Mirrior... :P
  4. Thanls to all....
  5. It's not gold but, hope it helps:

  6. Again in silver:

  7. Why oh why did I have to look at this thread? Now I am going to obssess about the Miroir Alma.....
  8. I have been dreaming about this line since SPRING! I want them NOW!
  9. Me too and i also hope that my dad bought for me
  10. Wow this bag is stunning....how much do they retail for? Would love to compare it with the gold? What is the material?
  11. Yes I also would love to know the retail
  12. I love this one, is so amazing!
  13. Me too!! I don't think I can wait any longer :hysteric:
  14. Anyone pls know the retail prices of the mirrior bags .... I have been looking at old threads about these bags and can't see it anywhere ... please let me know

    Thanks :smile:
  15. I wonder how durable it is? Also seems more stuctured but could be photo?