louis vuitton neverfull

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  1. when will lv release new interior colors for the neverfull? I love the rose ballerine but i might wait on buying until fall colors come out. anyone know?
  2. I am curious as well... I have been wanting a NF monogram GM in RB interior but looks like it's not going to happen :sad: I find the beige too boring and I'm not a big fan of the Pivoine color !
  3. Most of the new colour releases are primarily for the MM (a better seller than the GM and hence a focus item) and are generally released in the spring and fall. The only way to get a very colourful GM interior, other than Pivoine, is to go the mon mono route and customize unfortunately...would have loved to have a GM with the Mimosa but that just wasn't going to happen:sad:
  4. I wanted the Rose color and when I checked two weeks ago, there were only two in the U.S. The salesgirl I spoke to said it hasn't been discontinued but they aren't available. I hope they make more in the rose. I don't care for the hot pink or the beige.
  5. Hope someone will post pictures of the DE with RB- sounds like it will be a beauty!
  6. I'm also planning on getting a Neverfull MM next .. I'm switching back and forth between Monogram in Pivoine or Rose Ballerine and Azur in Rose Ballerine ... won't make decisions easier with a DE being released in RB :-s
  7. So DE in Rose Ballerine is out late July?
  8. I could be completely wrong BUT from the lookbook pics I saw, the ebene neverfull w/ the pink lining, release date of August 1st has more of a poppy'ish pink color. It looked way darker than rose ballerine. But sometimes the lookbook pics are rough drafts and you just don't know for sure until actual release. ~ XOXO
  9. LV 1800-number sales associate told me today that Neverfull DE with RB interior will be MM (no GM) size and is not out until November. No clue how accurate that info is - just reporting what I was told by customer service today.
  10. I asked my SA in the boutique today and she didn't know anything about a DE with RB interior being released. The manager said she did hear something about it but no date yet. She will let me know as soon as she knows anything!
  11. I went on the waiting list a few weeks ago I was told end of July start of August for DE with pink interior. I was given the reference number but it is at home.
  12. Did you find out which sizes? I was told it won't come in GM, but it will be in MM. I'm curious if the bag will come in PM too.
  13. Sorry no I wasn't given any other option then mm so I don't think it is. They would have asked which one I wanted like last time.
  14. Did you go on list at store or calling customer service?
  15. #15 Jun 20, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2016
    N41063 Nevetfull in Ebony and Rose pale
    Both I rang customer service as I wanted to pick up from a different store in Sydney and then phoned my SA and switched over to her store. Her first reaction was never heard of it. But she could see I was on the waiting list on my profile and switched it back to her.