Louis Vuitton Neverfull (Mono or Damier Ebene) OR Burberry tote??

  1. IMO the bag in your link is too expensive, it won't hold its value...Plus I prefer the Nova Check pattern. I have a NF MM and love it, it's lightweight and also fits my 15" Macbook.
  2. NF for sure !!! ;) I adore burberry -clothes- but the bags are too much for me
  3. neverfull all the way, I don't like the quality and feel of burberry bags that aren't from the burberry prorsum line
  4. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the input! I'm currently checking out the Gucci sukey, it's really cute and on sale might do the trick! I do love botkier but I just got a beautiful small howard street satchel in fuschia so am trying to increase and diversify my collection :smile: Thanks so much once again! People keep saying that burberry doesn't hold its value as much as LV does, does Gucci also hold its value well? Not that I'm intending on selling it, but I don't want to be too dated with my bag.
  5. Thanks! That does help! I've been eyeing the ebene hoping not everyone and their mom has it!
  6. Thanks for the advice and link, I totally watched not only this video but others of hers as well, very helpful.
  7. Hmmm...I believe I do, and I will..thanks!
  8. The general consensus seems to be for the LV. I realize bc I haven't owned any LV in the past I'm only running off of what I've seen on other people, and I have to say that while very iconic and beautiful, it does look...flimsyish? Please don't kill me here in the LV forum, I honestly want to know what your experiences are with LV. Are they really this durable? At almost the same price point as the burberry (that comes with rolled handles and more organization inside, and feet on the bottom), I'm actually surprised (but grateful) for the responses. Does this mean that the burberry, altho in its classic haymarket check, will go out of style or be dated? Is the contention that the LV will actually LAST longer or just be stylish longer? Thanks so much in advance for helping me answer these questions!
  9. Nf mono
  10. Hi again moondoggiesbaby I own a neverfull in mono originally from September 2007 and it has held up very well. I have carried it as a casual bag quite a bit and has been very durable. I used it as my purse bag for along with carryon during travel and it fits so much!! I highly suggest it in the Damier. I kind of wish now that I had gone with ebene but I dont think it had been released yet and it was my first bag so I wanted mono...really, highly suggest...good luck:biggrin:
  11. I would go with the LV Damier Neverfull.
  12. I love Burberry Totes. If you buy it from the outlet or from sales than get the Burberry. If you cannot get it from outlet, definitely buy a NF. If you try to sell your tote sometime later, you can always sell LV's for a better price than Burberry.
  13. I can assure you that LV is very durable (even the ones that don't look that solid) so you don't have to worry carrying your laptop in it. At least my experience with LV has been great.

    I have a galliera (azur) and I carry my SLR (weighs ~2 kgs and quite bulky for me) and other smaller stuff in it all the time. My mom used to worry about me damaging the bag by putting too much stuff but it holds (more than 1 yr by now) and still looks great.
  14. I love Burberry clothes and used to love their bags, but as I said, I just think the bag in your link is overpriced. Plus I would stay away of bags with handles in vernis, I had such a bad peeling problem, I stopped buying their bags. I will never buy a Burberry bag at its full price again. NF has everything I could ask a daily bag but I'm sure you can find a cheaper good Burberry tote if you prefer the check pattern. Good luck!
  15. Mono Neverfull