Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM or Delightful MM (OLD MODELS)

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  1. I am contemplating my next handbag purchase. I know that I definitely want monogram and I want to go the pre-owned route (I don't like the new canvas at all, there is definitely a difference and I can see it from a mile away and definitely when I compare bags pre/post 2013). I've had a neverfull GM before in a different pattern and I love how comfortable it is but it's extremely casual. I love the look of the delightful MM (old model), and I can't decide which one to get. How comfortable is the delightful? What are your thoughts? Which one should I get??
  2. I own the Delightful MM old model. It is extremely comfortable. The wide strap is amazing. I load it up and the bag does not feel heavy to me. The same items in my never full MM (although there is much more room in the delightful mm) feels very heavy. The delightful is one of my favorite bags.
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    I say Delightful because you've already experienced the NF. I'm guessing you're not used to carrying a lot in your bags if you found the GM comfortable, so a Delightful should be able to delight (no pun intended) you with lesser space and broader handle.
  4. I love my old delightful. I'm actually looking at getting a 2nd one because mine is so beat up its embarrasing. I looked at the new model which I understand is a little smaller than the pre-2015 models and it seems like the strap drop is not as long. BUT...you get the option of beige interior or pivione. It's a great bag and I've used mine everyday for about 10 years! The single handle is awesome.
  5. I don't have a Neverfull but I have a Delightful PM (new model) and the strap is so comfortable on my shoulder that I wear it most days.
  6. I also have the "old" Delightful MM and it's a great bag. When I bought it I also bought the bandouliere strap to be able to wear the bag as a crossover. Unfortunately that bandouliere strap (which is as wide as the MM strap) has been discontinued. Anyway, good luck choosing. They are both super bags.
  7. I had the GM w/ the cool zippers. I had/have seller regrets. It's the coolest bag and VERY comfortable. ~ XOXO
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  8. I think that almost everyone has a Neverfull these days. So if you want to be slightly different, go for the Delightful MM.
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    Delightful old style , THE best bag ever! This is my second one! So soft, slouch, holds slot, the shoulder strap is everything!!
  10. I had both- I really love the OM delightful MM- very comfortable and holds a lot! I actually wish I got the GM- I'm still contemplating it! As others have said the NF GM gets very heavy- I actually use it as a travel bag and sometimes a diaper bag as it's pretty big for my daily needs!