Louis Vuitton Neverful vs Estrela NM

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  1. I can't decide between the NF and Estrela NM. I really would love the Neverful GM and unfortunately the Estrela only comes one size which compares to the size of the NF MM. I can't decide between a zippered closure vs. open tote. And plus, everyone seems to have a NF as it's a classic LV staple. Please help!! TIA
  2. My vote is for estrela nm as it is very beautiful and in fact in my wish list right now. I like the ziptop closure and how it looks since its mixed with colored leather. It looks so classy as shown in the many pics over here on tpf
  3. I have both and love the Estrela a million times more. If you get the Neverfull, you might still be longing for Estrela. I used to switch my bag multiple times a week but used my Estrela constantly when I got it. It is perfect for work and travel. It is heavier and more formal than Neverfull so keep that in mind.
  4. Another vote for the estrela. As long as the size doesn't pose a problem for you, I would definitely get the estrela over the neverfull.
  5. I have both. As lvtam says, it's heavier and more formal. Allso you can't make the bag smaller like a neverfull by cinching the sides. The added security of a zipper, the beautiful hardware and leather makes this a great bag. The leather strap is miss for me as I don't like the shape the bags takes on when I try to use it, so I never use it, but it's there just in case u need to be hands free. Imo, I more see the NF as a very casual, but good tote.
  6. Thank you for all the input! I am purchasing the Noir Estrela!! Can't wait.
  7. Good choice !!!!! This is a pretty bag :smile:
  8. Great choice! I have it and it's one of my favorites. I have a Neverfull too but the Estrela is like others said dressier.

  9. Yay! You're going to love it!
  10. Here's a funny story, I sold my mono mm neverfull to buy the estrela nm noir. 6 months later I sold my estrela and bought a new mono neverfull back.
  11. Can I ask why?

  12. Sure...the leather on the bottom right side of the bag started to get softer and she kept slouching down to one side when I set her down. It bothered me. I then put my organizer inside and that helped to keep her firm but the bag became too bulky. I also thought that the crossbody strap was useless as it was too thin for such a big bag especially when stuffed. Hope this helps.
  13. Thank you! Hope you are happy to have your Neverfull mm back in your collection.
  14. I will vote for estrella, my friend have it and is so happy with. The point with the top zipper and the fact you can it carry cross body is awesome. So enjoy your decision and show us your estrella:graucho:
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