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  1. Hi! I just bought the NeoNoe Damier azur in rose ballerine. I noticed on the side tab it doesn’t have the Made In Country. What does that mean? I bought my purse in store. Should I keep or return? I feel like it may lose value without the tag

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  2. It could be that the bag is made in the usa which is not stamped on the bag anymore. What is the datecode of the bag?
  3. Hi! Thank for so much for your reply. My date code is SD1129
  4. Should I exchange the bag? Do you know if all of them are like that?
  5. Only if your bag was made in France will it say so on the side tab. Yours was made in the USA, as can be determined by the first 2 letters of your datecode.
  6. Your bag is made in the USA and won’t have the Made in on the tab. You should have a leather tag on the inside...
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  7. Look inside your bag for a made in the us tag.
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  8. There’s no tag!
  9. There’s no tag! Only the date code
  10. Your bag was made in the US. The other side of the tab should just say Louis Vuitton Paris. It will not have any tag that says,
    "made in __." I'm looking at my own Neonoe, and that's how it is on mine. If it bothers you, then take it back to the store.
  11. The "made in" tag is on the interior attached to the interior pouch. I just checked mine -- I bought the same exact bag in San Francisco last month.

    There's nothing wrong with your bag.
  12. I do not have the bag that you are talking about but I took a picture of the “made in” tag inside my Métis as a reference.
    Sorry the picture is not clear [emoji52]
    Maybe someone else can chime in who has the NeoNoe?
    Btw my double zip pouch did not have the “made in” tag just the date code. So maybe they are not putting it in all the bags anymore.
  13. I think the newer bags made in the US do not have that fabric tag anymore.
    OP- it’s certainly not a defect in any possible way. You know where your bag was made based on the date code. Done.
  14. I have this bag in the mono. The outer tab says Louis Vuitton Paris and then inside the bag in the seam by the pocket there should be a leather tab/tag. Check the seams by the zip pocket..
  15. I just received my DA graceful made in USA and it has the tag inside
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