Louis Vuitton Naples (FL), thumbs UP!

  1. No, I didn't buy anything...but the experience was quite pleasant. Just thought one of you might want to know...since I don't think I've ever heard much on this forum about the store in Naples.

    I stopped in after taking a friend to the airport in Miami, and I was dressed pretty "south-florida male chic" (read: khaki shorts and loafers), and everyone in the store was darling. At least 3 of the SAs mentioned my bequia trotter, and then they were like "we're setting up for an event tonight, so we're locking the door, but you're welcome to stay and look if you would like..." which I thought was nice of them (instead of kicking me out).

    Anyway, I recommend it if you are in the vicinity. The mall it is in is really nice too...all outdoors...especially this time of the year...the weather is perfect!:tup::yes::tup: