Louis Vuitton Name That Tune!

  1. The rules are simple: Post a song lyric mentioning Louis Vuitton. The next person guesses and posts another lyric.

    "How you think you got that rainbow Louis. Not with a legal job's salary."
  2. Kayne West's "Golddigger"

    "Met her at a beauty salon
    With a baby louis vuitton
    Under her under arm"
  3. Fat Joe.

    "So I packed up my Louis Vuitton. Jumped in your ride and took off."
  4. Shake It Off - Mariah Carey

    "If I was you I'd hate me too. Louis Vuitton shoes and a whole lotta booze."

  5. lil kim- no matter what they say

    I'm Kan the Louis Vuitton Don
    Bought my mom a purse now she Louis Vuitton Mom
    Still might throw on a little low arm they want me to stop go on go on
    They don't want me to shop and me spending that hard
    Oh my God is that a black card?:tender:
  6. Kayne West- Last Call

    "I thought ya'd appreciate
    Some of the things that I bought ya
    Shoes from Milan, Louis Vuitton.."
  7. How about this Ludacris song "Stand Up":

    But our time and our clothes gotta coordinate
    Most girls lookin right some lookin a mess
    That's why they spilling drinks all over ya dress
    But Louie Vuitton bras all over your breasts
    Got me wanting to put hickies all over ya chest-ahh
    C'mon! we gon party tonight
    Y'all use mouth to mouth bring the party to life
    Don't be scurred, show another part of your life
    The more drinks in your system the harder to fight
  8. I suck badly in song lyrics... really I do... I'll just sit back and look! :shame:
  9. "Cutie the bomb
    Met her at a beauty salon
    With a baby Louis Vuitton
    Under her underarm"
  10. Kanye...Gold digger
  11. It was Kanye West's Gold Digger!

    What if I used other designers as well? Would that make it easier? Try this one:
    "The back of the club, sippin Moet, is where you'll find me "
  12. Notorious B.I.G.
  13. Tough one,

    That's Toni Braxton, Hit The Highway

    Maybe this one's a little harder...

    don’t you know I got
    key by the three when I chirp shawty chirp back
    Louis nap sack
    where I hold'n all tha work at"
  14. T.I. - What You Know

    "damn, when those come out so I write the date on them
    these Louis Vuitton ones, you gotta wait on them
    I had to get em early so I spent more cake on dem"
  15. Nelly - Air Force Ones.

    (Remember, when you guess, name the song and the artist. And post your lyrics. The idea is to get people to guess.)

    "Louis Vuitton never made a sweat suit."