Louis vuitton nail polish

  1. I just got some through in the monogram brown / gold colour and its so pretty - when you apply it you can def tell the quality its so shiny and shimmery .. I love it - does anyone else have it and think the same ?? :love:
  2. I wasn't aware that LV came out with nail polish. I have to go check that out :love:. Where can I get that exactly?
  3. I thought it was a VIP gift a long time ago, sometimes you find them on Ebay. I may be wrong though.
  4. Someone posted some pics on here awhile ago. Forgot who and where but it was purdy. The dark one looks really brown and the lighter brown was like a bronz-y kind of color if IIRC.
  5. It's Sounds Gorgeous
  6. I believe they used to make it and discontinued it? Either that or it was a VIP gift.
  7. i remember they used to sell these on eluxury waaaaaaaaaay back :P
  8. Oh my goodness, I really want that LV nail polish!
  9. That is really cute. I love the bronze and brown colors. I wonder if they are gonna make some more in the future. Why does LV always discontinue all the good items.
  10. LV nail polish sound so fabulous. may i see pictures of your nails with it on? i love my nails with color but i can't just choose from looking at the color in the bottle.
  11. It was sold on eluxury awhile back for around $50. I got a brand new box on eBay for $19 - the seller obviously didn't know what it was. I've never used them though lol

    I've also seen on ebay the same nail polish set but in a red and cream color- they were really pretty but the seller wanted way too much $$ for them.
  12. so in:love: with lv nail polish!
  13. It's so pretty.... I'd want it just for the box and packaging and bottles... lol.. I'm such a sucker for packaging!