Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris (Asnieres)

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  1. Wow. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  2. the museum is the Louis Vuitton house, I would love to take a look in real. Thanks for sharing
  3. How wonderful for you- what great pictures. thank you fro sharing
  4. lol. i thought it was a musem pf every bag ever produced :rolleyes:
  5. Wow thanks for sharing!
  6. Wow that house looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing.
  7. thanks for sharing, how very cool.
  8. Wow!
  9. Can you actually visit the museum?
  10. You can also take a short virtual tour at louisvuitton.com
  11. Imagine that!!!:drool:
  12. That's very cool- thanks for the link!
  13. A friend of my has bin their. You only can visit it true a invitation.:cry:
  14. Next time when i'll go to our holiday home in France i plan to visit this museum. I had the opportunity to get to know M Paul Gerard Pasols last year, when he was in Zurich! M Pasols is e very nice man, he has written de book of the "LOUIS VUITTON STORY". Thats why i'll also see this museum in Asnieres..:smile: