Louis Vuitton MultiPochette aka Scam Bag

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    Today, I got a first look at my Louis Vuitton MultiPochette aka scam bag that will be released on 9/27. It is everything I thought it would be and more. It is very versatile. It is MIU in the 33rd week. The Mini Pochette is much bigger than the old Mini Pochette (see comparison pics). The RCP is the same size but there is more room in the new version of the RCP (see comparison pics) because it opens wider. The RCP has different mono pattern on the front and back. I added a bag charm on the d-ring for the RCP for a different look. I’m very impressed with the quality. Unzipping both pieces is very different because it doesn’t unzip to the leather Made In tab as it did on the older PA and MP. My iPhone XS fits perfectly in the MP. The made in and date code in the MP are on two separate tabs (the date code is on the bottom of one of them) and the date code on the PA is in the pocket, which is normal. The strap is adjustable and can be worn cross body. For reference, I’m 5’10”.

    I will be able to take it home on 9/27, my official scam date. I’m really excited about this bag. Per my CA, pre-orders are closed. I suggest ordering online even if you have ore-ordered because as you all know with the jungle and Giant, pre-orders are not guaranteed. Hate it or love it, it is here.

    Here are the pics!

    27E53803-F34F-44A1-B267-D8BE6DA4B056.jpeg 181A7CB5-BC33-491A-9594-C7C2429E68A4.jpeg 53A655E8-69B6-4424-A843-3ABCCA0FE7BA.jpeg AA7CDFB4-2D5D-47CA-8A62-33B4312B63CB.jpeg 27002C92-8C24-43F6-BD96-DA37C4BDFA4F.jpeg F4D30E38-C109-4318-A359-5343205373E3.jpeg BF34F188-7BF8-4ED0-8879-5678B61159D4.jpeg 3E51952B-29A5-489D-AA52-2EFDAAFECEFA.jpeg 35D129FD-6D86-44ED-A01C-C9C2F8B40E37.jpeg 07246D8C-E5D2-4866-8F31-C8534F185470.jpeg
  2. More pics...
    2883B711-D4AE-4490-A90D-A920013EC49B.jpeg 4AB08485-330F-4FFA-857F-BA2960235475.jpeg 3C9EFABB-8A01-4EB7-81AE-422E81AA1803.jpeg 6001F495-99DB-400D-869C-F486ADBB3308.jpeg 9215F32E-9427-4EA9-80CE-5BFD81D3E704.jpeg 9577B69C-5AB8-46C3-BB3D-9EDEE8B5291B.jpeg
  3. Thank you for the pics! My SA ordered this for me...LVoe it!
  4. Love that little coin purse!
  5. It looks awesome! I particularly like the vert khaki strap. Just a great look!
  6. Thanks @EmmJay for the wonderful photos.:tup:
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  7. My pleasure!

    I do too!

    Thank you! The Kaki strap is great and the color is so pretty. I will probably buy this strap in one of the other colors too.
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  8. EmmJay I love it!! :heart: Thanks for the visuals and the comparisons. It looks great! :nuts:
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  9. Thanks for the first look! I like the look of the bag and I love your dress as well. Sorry to see summer say goodbye.
  10. Thanks so much, EmmJay, brilliant photos. Very useful to see that the MP is bigger and holds an iPhone. This is so long overdue!
    It looks so fantastic! I can’t wait, and so hope I can snag one!
  11. You’re welcome sweet lady!

    Thank you! My dress is from my favorite, Target. I will continue to wear summer clothes until the first cold front.

    I hope you can snag one too. There are so many options with this bag. It is very versatile.

    You’re welcome! No, the coins or whatever you choose to put in the RCP will be secure. Coincidental that I had my RCP and Mini Pochette with me today to compare to the scam bag. I had no idea I would have a first look at the scam bag today. My CA surprised me.
  12. ‘Official scam date’. :giggle:

    The combo is not my thing, but I do like the larger Mini Pochette. I love the way the old school RCP opens so I’m not sure I see this version as an improvement.

    I’m glad you love it though; hope you enjoy wearing it. :smile:
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  13. I love the strap and love how the coin holder hooks on whereas you can hook it onto another bag and use it like a bag charm which holds stuff. :biggrin:
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  14. Yes, the RCP will look so cute as a bag charm. There is no vachetta so it will not show wear like the old RCP. They should’ve named this the Multi-functional Pochette.
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