1. for all u die hard LV fans, let me introduce u to the muticolor "eye love you" HANDBAG CAKE!!!!! YUMMY!!!!


    i will also post an hermes kelly cake, gucci floral canvas cake, and a chanel quilted flap bag cake in their respective threads..... ENJOY!!
  2. OH my gosh that is amazing! Where can I get one?
  3. O wow!! How cute!! I want one!!!
  4. Oooooh, cut me a slice of that! That's really cute!
  5. :tender:
  6. Oh, it is fabulous. Too bad my b-day isn't until May. I could always just get one anyway!! :smile:
  7. dagnabbit, i cant see the picture
  8. Here you go:
  9. That is adorable! Where is it from?
  10. I'm hungry.....
  11. now that's a cute cake!!!
  12. Gorgeous!!
  13. I have seen these before, a bunch of styles..mono, etc. Wish I could remember where I saw them. I thought it was cute
  14. I have seen many other handbag cakes, and every one of them looks too pretty to eat.
  15. I just attended my friend's wedding months ago, and her cake(about 5ft high) is a huge white and gold le fab..... Gorgeous!!...:girlsigh: