Louis Vuitton Multi Color

  1. Hello everyone,
    I need some quick advice. I recently bought an authentic multi black speedy on ebay. I know it is authentic becuase it was authentic from my poupette and i checked it our at a lv store. However I am very concerend that in some small spots it looks as if the color of the lv is wearing off a tiny bit. Is that normal? Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? is it something for me to worry about???:wtf:
  2. :sad:Sorry, it's true they can rub off but not easily.
  3. Well keep in mind there is a silk screening process that the way the logo is put on - so yes, the color can slightly fade. Just avoid excess rubbing and all that jazz and hopefully it won't fade anymore.

    I have seen it in person - where the logo was slightly faded, and yeah... it could happen. Like if you clean your bag, avoid the logo at all costs...
  4. My MC Black Speedy has a few small spots. Probably when I rub up against a hard surface on accident. It happens..not alot. Its not noticible. You will be the only one who know.s
  5. Yup. I have had this problem with my wapity yet, but it says it can happen in the care book.
  6. Yep, it's unfortunately normal with the MC canvas... really sucks. I have a white MC bag, and it's a pain to try and clean around the logos so that i don't rub things off! I wish they could do a better color adhesion given the price!
  7. Oh wow, I never knew this. I have the Multicolore Alma but I never even considered checking to see if it was fading. Thanks for the great info. ladies!
  8. my pochette has signs of wear and tear as well. luckily its only on the corners.
  9. i've had the white Pochette Accessoires for 2 years now, and it still looks fine to me :huh:
  10. Why can't they put the multicolor LVs UNDER the coating like they do on the mono? Seems that this would solve the rubbing off problem.
  11. Exactly! :smile:
  12. i had fading on my white mc carnet, but my other mc's and cerises are fine (until now :graucho:)
  13. Thats great for you.

    I think the concern is here that it "could" happen - like if I sell The MC bag, I will let a customer know it "could" happen and yeah really just depends on how often you carry a MC bag and well you treat it.