Louis Vuitton Mother's Day Madness

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  1. It's obvious to my family that I love all things LV. I was a single mom of three boys for years until I met my DH. As a single mom I did not indulge in luxury items as I always wanted to be in a position to first provide for my family and our future. Today we are a family of 3 sons ,1 daughter and a granddaughter. Unfortunately, my boys live throughout the U.S. and could not be home for Mother's Day. BUT they did not let Mama down [emoji7]. Anyone around for a Mother's Day Reveal?
  2. Here! [emoji7]
  3. Here with some popcorn [emoji2]
  4. oh my! let's see!!! and happy mothers day!!
  5. Oh wow!! Hereeeee..
  6. Here here! Exciting!
  7. Sorry. A mothers work is never done. I was preparing dinner. I'll start with DH gift to me. Pallas in Cerise
    [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462836045.296570.jpg
  8. Beautiful.
  9. Gorgeous! Keep going....
  10. Love it!!!
  11. My two eldest are both in the military. I don't know how they coordinated this gift but I LVove it. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462836197.397891.jpg
    MIF! They know me so well
    And a little personalization
  12. Now clutch my pearls. My youngest son who has luxury taste on a dollar store budget pulled this one off. I introduced him to YC when he became an LV lover. He buys belts from them often. He always told me I have too much mono print and he loves DE. So to my surprise a brand new Reggia. I missed this when it was released.

    Yes I'll cut the tag off. I love it.
  13. Oh wow, what an amazing Mother's Day! LOVE the new bags! Big congrats!
  14. Congratz!! Enjoy all your new babies!!:biggrin:
  15. Ok. I lost it here. This little piece means so much. It's from my 13 year old daughter Nhira (blessing). My only girl. I wasn't supposed to be able to conceive let alone carry her full term. So everything about her is special. I know my DH was behind this one but my baby girls personalization.

    She made me inserts. Granted she cut out my LV books. My little creative genius.



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