LOUIS VUITTON most desiered

  1. ok every one has a louis vuitton that they would die for, So i am asking you witch louis vuitton item would you die to own ?

    I would really like the louis vuitton GRAFFITI KEEPALL
    it is so nice looking.

    witch LOUIS VUITTON would you guys own?
  2. i wish i had a graffiti speedy =)
  3. Cerises Speedy... :love:

    My desire for it has gone up a hundredfold, now that its no longer available :cry:
  4. CB Papillon.
  5. Luggage - carry on of course.
  6. uummm I love the Theda GM... I say it in store in mono in Barcelona LV and have loved it ever since --- I love the theda shape but would not pay retail for it ... to much $$$
  7. A ginormous vintage trunk.
  8. Damier Pegase 60 (the carry-on roll luggage)
  9. same here!
  10. Suhali L'Epanoui or Le Fabuleux, both in white
    Monogram Canvas Pegase 60 and 70
  11. Suhali Le Fabuleux in white
  12. I can't choose just one :cry:
  13. A truck of course, I really want the Damier Monasque too, even though its more beaches of St. Tropez than work and daycare!
  14. An antique trunk which I can use as a little cupboard in my bedroom.
  15. Le Fab in Plum or maybe something custom, like a Vernis speedy.