Louis Vuitton Montorgueil VS Mulberry Bayswater in Pink

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  1. OK girls Here is my short story :smile:

    I'm still searching for a new bag. At first I'm looking at the LV Neverfull PM as I saw my friend's neverfull with her baag charm and it looks so cute but when I went to try it in person at the boutique, I suddenly changed my mind and was not so sure i do really like the bag.

    Lately LV launched a new bag called "Montorgueil" and I think it looks nice. Anyway, I never be a fan of LV Monogram canvas before but the style like a bowler bag looks great. Maybe it would be my first monogram canvas bag.

    However, yesterday I went to visit www.mulberry.com and I saw a ss2008 bag collection with a Pink Mulberry Bayswater and I think the bag is soooooooo me as I love pink and the style looks great. Anyway, I have a concern with its weight as with all leather bag. It's gonna be heavy, isn't it?

    If You were me, which one would you choose? I have a photo of LV and also mulberry (Pic of the mulberry in purple borrow from the mulberry forum. Thank you !!)

    LV is nearly 400 GBP and Mulberry is a bit expensive at 495 GBP.

    Thanks a lot !! and any comments/answers would be very appreciate :yes:
    CIMG2273.JPG louis-vuitton-monogram-canvas-montorgueil-bags.jpg
  2. Louis Vuitton Montorgueil for sure!!!!
  3. The Mulberry. I'm not normally a huge fan of pink bags, but I am SO SICK of seeing LV monogram bags everywhere. I just think logo-print bags are so tacky, even when they are considered "timeless".
  4. The mulberry.
    I believe that though it's more pricey, it's a leather bag so it's more worth it compared to the LV.
    In any case, both bags are beautiful.
  5. I would go with the LV if the bag works for you because I have never been a big fan of Mulberry. Have you tried on either bags yet? I like the Montorgueil and I had thought about buying it but I discovered it did not look that good on me.
  6. I vote for Louis Vuitton Montorgueil. It is in the perfect size and has the perfect length of straps.
  7. mulberry
  8. I like the Monty.. but the Mulberry is gorgeous go for it!
  9. mulberry! love it!
  10. monty! i want one! where did you get the price from? ive emailed lv asking for the price!
  11. MULBERRY!! That's a gorgeous bag!!
  12. The Mulberry, it's gorgeous!

  13. :police: Hello Laria,

    I ever think to buy a Mulberry bayswater in Pink (old pink) too but I have a point about its weight so when I think to buy it again, the bag is no longer available in Pink :sad:. Anyway, now the shade of Pink comes back again in ss2008 collection.

    About the LV, I think its look is OK for me but again I never own a monogram canvas as normally I don't like it. The only 2 bags which I think look good are Neverfull and Monty.

    I know Mulberry is not famous as LV but I couldn't refuse that Bayswater looks great.

    I'm still waiting for more comments.
  14. This is a tough one. I like both and have always wanted a Bayswater. In pink, it would be awesome. I have a couple LV monogram bags, but not the Montogueil.

    It's possible to wear the LV as a "neutral" color most of the time and I can wear them year-round too. With a pink bag my options are limited. I have three gorgeous pink bags -- two MJ's and one Dior -- and they are really only carried when I'm wearing certain outfits. With my LVs they can go on a moment's notice.

  15. I have both LV and Mulberry. You can always buy LV...but you can't always get the Mulberry you want. The Bayswater is a classic...and you won't be happy until you get one...so get it now and get it over with! You'll be so happy you did.

    Mulberry is using a newer, lighter leather in their Bayswaters called natural tanned leather, instead of the older Darwin, which was thicker and heavier. I bought a Roxanne in the new leather and it is beautifully light. I have an Oak Bayswater in the Darwin leather, and yes, it is heavier, but not terribly so.

    Why don't you post in the Mulberry forum and get an avalanche of replies! I adore my LV Monogram Speedy...but that's a bag I see everywhere and can buy everytime. Now's the moment for your Bays! Enjoy.