Louis Vuitton Monogram Pouchette

  1. louis vuitton monogram is not leather hunny. its canvas.
  2. If it's leather, it's a fake. This was my LV. I saved up and bought it at Saks. I was shocked that it wasn't leather. For that price!
  3. Thanks! They just answered the same thing. You are all the best!
  4. The only leather part is the handle, which has a heavier patina than you would expect form a lightly used bag
  5. The bag is in really poor condition. I wouldn't bid on it and wait until a better one comes along.
  6. It looks like the handle has split. Need more pictures to authenticate this and make sure you post it on the Authenticate This LV...
  7. It's my understanding that LV monograms are all canvas with a leather trim.. but I'm no expert.
  8. LOL at the listed condition: "Very lightly used"
  9. It looks like its in pretty bad condition. Ask for the serial code and find out when it was made. Also beware the $24 shipping!! Thats absolutely ridiculous!!!