Louis Vuitton Monogram Perfo ...

  1. Is there anywhere that sells them ?? I tried LV website and there not on it anymore. :crybaby: I want to get the Trochadro bag ( Totally spelt wrong but its something like that ):p
  2. Try Eluxury.com. They still have some!
  3. Perforated Trocadero is available on Eluxury for about $1150.
  4. Thanks a mill they don't post to the EU .. Has Anyone on the site here have one to see what it is like I've only ever saw it on LV site
  5. Try looking in the Visual Aids thread... one of our fellow TPF'ers has a Perfo Trocadero.
  6. Thanks a mill :smile: Really love this bag it is so cute .
  7. welcome :flowers:

    Did you try calling the LV Ireland customer service to see whether they could locate on for you? If not, I think you'll have to go un-official ways, e.g. eBay or LetTrade :shame:
  8. I was on eluxury this morning and they have this monogram prof line.

  9. Thats my best bet I think :nuts: I'll see what they can do thanks a mill everyone:yes:
  10. Thanks I saw it there they have them all
  11. cool thanks I'll do that now :smile: ahh seen it thanks thats the link the other girl put up. Theres not many on thye site either .
  12. LOVE that bag! It's so unique!
  13. :yahoo: Isn't it. :smile: