Louis Vuitton Monogram Mizi--Going, going, gone

  1. For those who love this bag:
    I found out from 1866vuitton today that there is only one left in the country. This bag will no longer be made. It was a special collection editon or whatever they call it :wacko:

    Just wanted to let you guys know just in case. I was lucky enough to buy mine a few weeks ago :biggrin:

    I still havent carried her but I look at her everyday!!! :love:
  2. No way!! :cry:
  3. Love that bag!

  4. WAY! :lol: :lol:

    If you want it you should call the 866 number in the morning asap. They can have it pulled from the shelf and sent to you. It is going to be one of those bags that you rarely see.

    That's what I really love. ;) Once I do start to carry it and people ask about it I'll be able to say

    "Oh you can't buy this anymore. It was a limited editon"

    Buah ha ha ha ha :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'm such a bag snob
  5. Stop tempting me! :lol: Btw, how much $ for this Mizi?
  6. $2000ish no?
  7. ::fainted::
  8. he he :lol:

    Get up. Don't faint.

    It's a little lower than that. Before tax it was $1350
  9. ooooh sorry thinking about the klara vienna price for some reason :wacko:......maybe it's time to go to bed :wondering
  10. Aww.. that's a shame.
  11. 0o00o i think i like this bag!
  12. I Love The Mizi
  13. That is so gorgeous! I wish I had a huge credit card balance to get her with.
  14. Actually, I talk to a SA from Vegas and they said it's going to be part of their permanent line. Only the vienna was special edition. Monogram bags they have on the LV website are the ones that are part of the permanenet line.
  15. My SA told me a long time ago it was only going to be a round for a little while. I love my Mizi!