Louis Vuitton Monogram Aquarelle Speedy

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  1. I was looking through the January 2008 issue of Allure magazine and could not believe my eyes.
    Can someone post the picture of the Louis Vuitton Aquarelle Speedy that is on page 71 of this issue???:tdown::throwup:
    I am at lost for words.....to think they are selling this bag for $3,600. It is like letting a 5 year old get lost in the stamp kit and make a purse. I really can't believe a person will buy this and wear it.:yucky:
    What do you think??????
    It seems like LV is really getting weird with the new stuff for 2008. Makes me want to go check out Chanel purses....:heart:.
  2. honestly, i kind of like it. its a different spin on the multicolor, to me. the price however is not that great. but i expect that from runway/LE items.
  3. i'm not against the bag, but i'm not lusting after it either...i previously posted it on this thread
  4. We can continue any further discussion on this topic in the thread provided above.

    Thanks! ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.