Louis Vuitton Mizi

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  1. It's a really cute bag, I prefer it in the black and black combo, it just seems like a nice black bag that would last forever !

    And they aren't sold out, or at least they still have one on display at my local Louis Vuitton store (Toronto - Yorkdale), so there are still some selling at retail. Hope that helps !
  2. Thanks Ayala... I must check it out.
  3. I saw one on display at South Coast Plaza, CA 2 wks ago so I think they're still around.
  4. i love star's mizi, i dont like it in this combination color....
  5. i saw this bag in monogram canvas. is that a new bag? i guess so.
  6. I saw it @ the HI LV not too long ago :biggrin: I like the black on black vienna better as well.
  7. it's pretty new, i hope it becomes permanent because it's quite pretty.
  8. I saw this bag in NJ but black on black i believe.
  9. I think it's different. The monogram reminds me of deuville which I love. Thanks ladies for the tip on locating it:biggrin:

    Yeah, the black on black looks very classic. I am either leaning over that or the green which I think it's more difficult to find.
  10. ijust checked with my LV store and after checking the computerized inventory, she told me it is no longer available.:sad:
  11. I think the one you mean is the "clara" and will get part of the permanent line of LV
  12. I agree with ayla...I like the black/black combo. I don't think I've ever seen the bag in the LV shops around here, so I don't know how it compares in person.
  13. I agree with the other's, I like the black on black mizi vienna the best, like Star's :love:

    The monogram Klara (smaller shoulder version of the Mizi) and the monogram Mizi are part of the permanent collection and they were introduced a bit before the New Year, they may be hard to get now because they're 'new'.
  14. how much is it retail price?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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