Louis Vuitton Mizi bag??!!

  1. Does anyone know this bag?? I have never seen any celebrity or anyone wear it before?!
    Where can i buy it ?

  2. Yup, I've seen someone wearing it before, although i cant remember where/when
  3. Yup I have seen people wearing it before! They are discontinued! The only chance you can get it is through eBay, or let-trade.
  4. Yeah, eBay and let-trade are your only chance right now. This style and the Klara came out at the same time and were pretty hard to get ahold of even when they were still in production. I hope you find one!
  5. good luck in finding one! i've never seen the klara but i've seen the mizi in person and it's preetttyy!
  6. Some pf´ers have those. They are beautiful bags indeed.
  7. I've seen at least two or three come through Let-trade in the past couple months - just keep an eye out!

    One of my students has that bag and it's gorgeous...
  8. someone's selling one on eBay right now. just do a search. the price seems pretty ok.
    of course, have someone from this site authenticate it first.
  9. Sorry to threadjack but, what is let-trade? I've never heard of it before. :smile:
  10. I own this bag, and I adore it. Its an amazingly beautiful LV. Large, easy to carry and the pleating is sooooo pretty:


  11. This is adoreable!! I am going to buy it now!! Thank you so much!!
    Do you have any picture of inside the bag??! :p
  12. let-trade is a popular seller of authentic LV items on Ebay.
  13. :drool: :drool: OMG THAT BAG IS GORGEOUS!!!!
  14. ebay. that is your best bet. or let trade. or karen kooper. good luck, and GET IN LINE!!!!!!!!!
  15. It's really cute. I would've gotten it if my sister didn't already had one. So I got the Klara instead. If you want one, definitely keep your eyes out on ebay and let-trade. It does come by, but it get snatched up pretty fast.