Louis Vuitton Mini Monogram Club

  1. I have yet to get a Mini Monogram bag, but if anyone can post their bags, I would love it!!

    What bag would you suggest for someone on the go who would like the bag to go from day to night easily?
  2. The Lucile!!! My mom just bought it. I love it!! I'll post pics of it when I am over there.

    The SA said they are discontinuing Lucile, so I would snap it up now!! (Also, if it doesn't work for you it will increase in value when you sell).
  3. :yahoo: Yeah, Mini Mono :yahoo:
    I guess I'm part of this club, since I just got the Marie :love:

    purexelegance, if you don't carry too much stuff w/ you, the Marjorie or the Pochette Kathleen might be good.
  4. I have the Juliette.
  5. minimono1.jpg minimono2 .jpg minimonos.jpg
  6. mini monogram collection is going to be discontinued!!! :sad: thats what teh manager said when i got my wallet couple months ago. he said they are replacing a satin like material for mini monogram, ....:sad: heart breaking news.. I LOVE MM!!!!
  7. I am seriously eyeing let-trade's mini monogram francoise.
    LOVE the fold over carry three different ways thing. Or can it be carried over the arm as well?
    WORRIED about the size. Very skinny bag.
    WONDERING about how to care for it. I am not the most careful person around.
    Stalling and asking questions everywhere as I want to be sure before I buy.

    Thanks for any comments, Kathy
    And last but not least, WHY do you all love mini monogram?
  8. Count me in as a member of this club - I have a really rare mini - The "Besace Mary Kate" - I posted a photo not long ago but I'm not sure I still have it in my photo file. I love the bag which I bought in Paris in March 2005. - Soon it will be impossible to buy or find.
  9. I have a mini mono Josephine in cherry

    and a cabas mary kate in noir/noir
  10. josphine pm in cherry red:heart:
    mini mono.JPG
  11. im coming im coming im coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ohh i have that too, what's your colour? mine is khaki =)
  13. i adore mm soo much :smile: my favourite line!! i gotta post them up when i have the time =) i need to get a kathleen though just b/c that's my name
  14. here are my mms i :heart: themmmm mmcollection.JPG but the lucille is my mom's hehe...but want to include it too hehe:P
  15. Count me in, I have the MM Josephine TST in khaki. I have not used her much so I don't know how long she will be in my collection.