Louis Vuitton Mini Initials Keepall

  1. Hi everyone im just wondering if anyone can tell me any Information about the Hi everyone im just wondering if anyone can tell me any Information about the Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Initials Keepall. I have been on the Louis vuitton Website but there is nothing and no pictures. If anyone has any pictures of one, especially the blue one. Could you please post them. I allready have one picture on my avatar but Im looking for more pictures. Thankyou .
  2. i think it was part of the runway show in '05 i remember seeing it at the store last year (when i got my wallet lol) it was nice but IMHO not nearly worth the douch also i prefer the darker brown and black color combination, some of the others on this forum can help you with more info and pics, and btw isince yo unew i dont know if yo uknow yet but the mini monogram line is currently bieng discontinued and later will be replaced with either that same fabric on that bag (but only in the black-brown combination) or a newer improved one :smile:
  3. thanks for telling me. So if I bought the blue one that would be a good investment.
  4. Yeah it depends on what you classify as an investment, i think and investment is when you make money on something, with bags and things like that you will almost never be able to match or make more money on a piece (think about it like a car, you cant sell a 2nd hand car for a brand new price) dont get me wrong this may be a great investment and may go up in value over the years, but if it hasnt sold out by now at your boutique i think thats a sign of its unpopularity (which to me is a good thing if i love a peice and it isnt popular it means i wont see it on every 2nd corner i.e. speedy) basically lv and most designer bags retain thier value over the years esp. if they are taken care of well but allways expect a depreciation. If you really want a bag that will retain value for sure go for hermes i love thier stuff but i dont have the $$ to suport it
  5. This LV is discontinued. The only place you would be able to purchase it is from a reseller or maybe from a boutique that still has one. I don't know what the odds of that are.
  6. what blue one? as far as i am aware they were only made in 2 colours: camel (the one on your avatar) and ebony (dark chocolatey brown).
  7. HEY OMG i was on the phone with 866 yesterday and asked the same exact question but she checked and said their discontinued i was soo upset but i will keep lookout