Louis Vuitton Mezzo / Alto ( high wishes )

  1. Well...I am new and am mad for Louis Vuitton ... I am about to but the Sac Chein next week for my mini-poodle x pomeraninan! :wlae: Anyway..the thing im DESPERATE for now is A LOUIS VUITTON MEZZO or ALTO bag..ive been searching on eBay and so many sites..but the trim on all of them have turned too dark for my liking...I want to be able to wear the bag for a while before it goes very dark....maybe one of you would sell one to me? I dont know...but thats next on my list ;)
  2. There is no buying and selling on tPF. You have to apply and be accepted into the Marketplace for this to happen.
  3. oh....well would anyone have any idea where i can look for of somehwhat new ones online?
  4. Yup, there is NO selling allowed on tPF. Please take the time to look over the rules again. ;)

    Let-Trade always has great deals. In case you're wondering, there's no need to worry about authenticity. http://www.let-trade.com
  5. You could try imagechic.com or let-trade as mentioned above......the cabas alto is no longer being made. Good luck !!!
  6. check out let-trade.com