Louis Vuitton Men F/W 08/09 Runway Paris

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  1. New damier color!:tup:
  2. nice :smile: I wonder why they dont do the damier in that colour in ladies too, looks pretty neutral :smile:
  3. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Cool pieces :nuts: Thanks for sharing :heart:
  5. hmm yeah it looks pretty basic. i like the look of that messenger. and is that another bequia trotter?? yay!
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. hmmm, Looks like Cruise with colours changed
  8. I LOVE this, It looks Flat, like a tote
  9. ^
    I LOVE the luggage piece as well, but please please PLEASE! STOP reusing the designs and materials! It's enough already. :yucky: It's been what FOUR seasons with bequia in with very very VERY slight modifications to the design and now we're facing another variation on the damier. How lovely. My SA will not be happy to hear this I think, I already told her I don't want more recycling. LOL

    As much as I don't really care for the bags, I must say I've enjoyed both this seasons clothes and it seems like the fall will be good as well.

    As for the shoes, it's hard to tell because of the lightning.
  10. I like this season! The damier is interesting..I'd have to see it IRL
  11. omg, don't let my friend see this, he'll go nuts!!
  12. That damier keepall is TDF!! Everything is really nice. I wonder if that hard-sided damier case is for DJ's vinyls like in mono centenaire collection....
  13. If the black/grey damier is LE or seasonal I'll definitely have to get one- I really like the color combo!

    But I'm definitely with Liberte- ENOUGH WITH THE FRIGGIN' BEQUIA!
  14. ITA, I'm all for recycling but not where LV is concerned
  15. That is a really nice looking collection, some of the models look like serial killers :sweatdrop: