Louis Vuitton Melrose Avenue Help!!!!

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  1. I asked my husband for an evening purse and he bought me the LV melrose avenue, do you think it would look nice as an evening bag? I am going to be wearing a short black Herve Leger dress and black shoes, is going to be a casual night dining out. Please suggestions!!!
  2. Hi! My suggestions would be the Bleu Nuit Wilshire or the new Sobe clutch as an evening purse.

    Melrose Ave is stunning but I think it is a too big to use as an evening purse. Melrose Ave is perfect as a work bag.:smile:
  3. The Sunset Boulevard is a vernis bag that would be great for an evening out. I have the damier azur pochette right now & love it. Depends on what look you are going for. I would prefer these bags over the Melrose because I like to use a bag w/ a shoulder strap when I go out.
  4. ITA:smile:
  5. Another option would be the Rodeo Drive in Amarante.
  6. ita!
  7. I love that bag so much I wouldn't care where I carried it - I would probably sleep snuggled up to it as well!! :biggrin:
  8. that bag is gorgeous!
  9. Love the bag. Not really an evening bag but it is beautiful
  10. I think it's perfectly fine for an evening bag, providing you like bigger ones. The glossy leather and shiny hardware are dressy. I prefer smaller bags for evening, though. Have you checked out Sunset Blvd?
  11. I think it's OK for evening out! It's gorgy!!! ;)
  12. I agree with the others. The Melrose is such a gorgeous bag, but I wouldn't wear it as an evening bag. I'd go for a smaller one as well.
  13. With a Herve Leger dress, I'd forgo the melrose avenue and use a proper evening clutch.

    You can always use the melrose avenue on other days even during evenings but not with a Herve Leger dress, imo.:yes: Congratulations, Elilop7 and your DH is sweet to buy you one.
  14. Melrose is big for evenings...I think sunset boulevard or bel air will make an excellent evening purse. Roxy is cute too except that buttons drive me crazy :P
  15. I think Melrose looks gorgeous anywere and anytime!