Louis Vuitton MC cheesecake??

  1. That's adorable. But definitely prefer a real purse for the price.
  2. MMM. Tasty.
  3. Oh those are cute! But, yes, I'm with you all; I'd rather have a real purse.
  4. Mmmm cute! They look sooooo good.:yes:
  5. Wow! That better be one good tasting cake for that price!
  6. Couldnt LV sue for that?
  7. ITA with the other people here....
  8. Okay Cupcakes and Cheese Cake any one want a slice... yummy for my tummy.. I'm hungry now...
  9. mmmm... cheesecake. :drool:
  10. I like the Tiffany one- not so much the LV.
  11. i agree!:yes:
  12. Yummmm...now I want piece of cake..
  13. Seems expensive but looks yummy!