Louis Vuitton Mat Shelton question

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  1. Hi guys,

    Can you please post the pics of your Mat Shelton. I know Sandra has one (yes Sandra can you please post yours too ;) ). I am totally in love with this bag.I've been checking out Sandra' pics at visuals thread.
    I only know this bag came in Amber, blue and black. Are there any other colors beside those three?
    Does mat line can get scracthes easily??
    Does it shimmer?
    Hows the opening for this bag, is it as easy as Epi Jasmine's opening?
    Can you please take the pic of Mat shelton side by side with Epi Jasmin or speedy so I can get an idea rgd the size and shape..

    Phew..I hope everything goes well..I think I just bought one in Noir..keep my fingers crossed!


  2. anyone???
  3. I love the look of the bag. There has been a gorgeous (I guess amber) Shelton at this Finnish auction site I´ve been eyeing at. Never got around to hitting the bid though somehow. It looks sort of festivy, I don´t think I would actually use it that much. The Noir isn´t like that at all, you can def. use it on the daytime too.
  4. That is a beautiful purse. I hope someone posts a picture for you. I would like to see also. Its always nice to see how it is compared to a Speedy.
  5. I wish I had one, so I could post it for you!
  6. hmmm i think sandra has one... :smile:
  7. hi Nita, here's my Shelton in Noir :flowers:


  8. Thank you guys, I have black epi jasmin on my list and I think I can subtitute it with this bag and get red jasmine intead someday. I saw a lady with red jasmin yesterday and I was hopelessly in love it it.

    Thank you so much xoAKIxo and Sandra for the pics, The bag is gorgeous!!
    It's more appealing to me now because it's discontinued.
  9. The one on auction is violet. Such a gorgeous bag.
  10. I'm not sure what this site is for, but I'm selling my mat shelton and you helped me figure out what the name is! I've sold a whole bunch already and am down to my 15 favorites. Husband's in construction and I keep telling myself they're only things! I can tell you that they are a little more difficult than my red epi jasmin, I think it's called, but the outside pocket is great. Also must not scratch easily because there are none. To me this and my red epi are like museum pieces. I'm not kidding. They're like works of art! I hope I can say that I'm selling my hard makeup case, canvas with big blue square, and blue fabuleux. Also a great burberry. If this site is for questions I want to sparkle up my black multicolor duffel the brass for pics. Any ideas? Thanks, Kimra
  11. OMG this thread was on my Bday 2 years ago! Dayum!