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Jan 11, 2006
Ok. I've been talking to you guys a bit, reading what you're saying a LOT, and doing some of my own research. I've decided that I want to start saving for my first designer bag, and I want it to be Louis Vuitton.

I like having big-ish bags, but I'm also 18, and don't want to look like a soccer mom just yet, so I want it to not look like luggage. I think I've decided to save up for a LV Manhattan GM


I would love it if somebody who owns this bag could tell me about it, or someone who knows more about LV than I do could suggest another bag I should consider.

Thanks in advance. :smile:
i'm also 18! :biggrin: i was really considering this bag a couple of months ago but the leather buckle is kind of a hassle because you have to open/close it everytime you want to get something in or out. it's kind of a hassle so i'm still on the fence about it. it's also really big.

have you considered the manhattan pm? it's smaller and i think it's really cute but you can't really put it on your shoulder. if you're looking for shoulder bags i think the papillon is great for someone young or some vernis pieces? if you don't mind carrying bags in your hand how about the speedy? haha sorry for overwhelming you with all these choices! :lol:
thanks for the really fast reply! :smile: Thanks, also, for the info about the buckle.

I really hate having to carry bags with my hands. I like to sling it on my shoulder and not have to worry about it. I'd rather get the classic monogram than the denim or multicolore prints.
I was looking at the same bag and the Batignoles a few weeks ago and hands down everyone urged me to go with the batginoles, for some reason the lv lovers didn't really care for the manhattan. You might look at some of the other bags that might be a liitle younger looking and aren't as much of a hassel to get into. by the way I ended up with the batignolles as was overwhelmingly suggested and love it! good luck.
The buckle is a pain and it truly is really big. Can you even get the GM over your shoulder?! I can get my Manhattan PM over my shoulder but I can't w/ a coat on. If you are truly enamored by it, get it! IMHO though, it's gonna be too big but it depends on how much stuff you're going to carry also.
I have mixed feelings about the LV Manhattans. I think it's because the GM is basically the MJ Venetia to me... And the PM is basically the Blake with one center compartment rather than the three separate compartments that the Blake has....

MJ designed for his own line and for LV, so I think that's where the similarities stem... There's a new LV coming out that's a rounded, structured hobo in two different sizes with a pushlock in the center, like the pushlock that's on the Manhattans. Both styles look like they could be worn on the shoulder. I don't know the price on these bags, but I'm pretty sure it's less than the Manhattans.

I think they're cuter and less "serious" for an 18 y/o.... Check your local LV and ask to see their Spring book--it's featured as one of the new styles for LV mono...
The buckle is a pain, especially if you're in a rush ( who isn't nowhadays). For the price you have to pay for a LV, you should go to the LV store ( you don't have to buy, just try) and try on all the handbags that you're interested in, open them, hold them, etc. It's makes a world of difference when you actually try them out, going in you're certain of the bag you want but you leave with another. Pictures are nice, but they don't show you the pros/cons of owning that expensive handbag.
LuLu-Lady said:
I like having big-ish bags, but I'm also 18, and don't want to look like a soccer mom just yet, so I want it to not look like luggage. I think I've decided to save up for a LV Manhattan GM

imo whether a bag looks like luggage on your depends more on your body frame than age. If you're petite, I suggest not going for the Manhattan GM because it is insanely huge (still beautiful but quite big!). It honestly looked like luggage on me, either that or a very modern briefcase.

Also aside from the buckle thing being mentioned, it's not very comfortable on your shoulders.

What kind of bags are you looking for? I think a cabas piano would be great!
I have to suggest the PM. Many people who own the GM complain about the weight of the bag, also the extra buckle while pretty seems a hassle. (Gotta agree with timtimtim there :smile:)
hi lulu lady:P i have collected a few lv's and i love them all i prefer the damier to the mono i find it more classy, you might want to look at some damier styles too. ive tried on the manhattan gm a couple of times and it is one nice big bag but it is kinda heavy and the buckle is kind of hassle everytime you have to get something from your bag.. i think you like big bags based on style you posted here, i have the damier chelsea its big, ziptop and easy to move around with. im posting here a pic, i dont have a picture of it alone its the one on the right side :love: good luch bag hunting :angel:


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