Louis Vuitton Manchester UK

  1. Hi, Ive been in LV Manchester before but ive never asked for this done. Do they do Heatstamping there and how much are catalogues ? :smile:
  2. Catalogs should be free and if it's a free standing store they should to heatstamping there.:yes:
  3. its not a free standing store its located in selfridges. i dont think they'll do heatstamping tbh. we got our luggage tag done in paris and i havent been to the manchester store for over a year now :sad: i want to go in soo bad!
    let us know how you get on :biggrin:
  4. I thought it was free standing since they have had the new enterance put in and you can enter from the street but I just hope they do heatstamping. Do you think they will send my luggage tag away if they dont. Also I forgot to ask,do you think they will have a Utah Luggage tag for me to buy on site or will they have to order one ? :biggrin: thanks for your help
  5. OMG forgot to say, you're from liverpool :yahoo: Im from St Helens :smile:
  6. Socialite, I'm almost certain that LV isn't a free standing sore, because its basically located in Selfridges even though there is a fairly new entrance on the street.
    I haven't any idea about heatstamping there, But all you can do is ask.
    Most of the SA's there are really nice and helpful, and have only ever been more than nice to me.
  7. lol im not actually from liverpool, im from wirral but yer most people in UK dont know about liverpool so why would people all over the world haha!
    yer LV is definately not a free standing store and im pretty sure they wont do heatstamping there :sad: sorry! im also not too sure if they'll have the luggage tags in, why dont you give them a ring and see? you could also ask about the heatstamping so your not upset if you get there and it has to be sent away.
    good luck!
  8. thanks for the Info, I will ask, I wish it was a free standing store. I wish they would build a new LV store in Liverpool. :biggrin:
  9. lol thanks, do you think they can order me one ? :smile:
  10. lol oh aye! could you imagine it LV, Chanel, Gucci etc.. in liverpool! ha! hehe theyve got the amarni ex and hugo boss and FLANNELS :biggrin: so im pretty happy for now lol and the HUGE shopping centre is opening in 2008 so all is good :biggrin:
  11. yer they should deffo manage that one hehe
  12. Aw, I would love a LV in Liverpool, it would be amazing! lol! I would never be out of it!
    I think it would fit right in in the Met Quarter, dont you hannah! lol!
    I think hannah (gucci_girl_gg) is right instead of making the journey only to be turned away if they don't have them, why not give them a ring?
    Let me know how you get on!
  13. lol but rose there wouldnt be anything to look forward to when we go to manc then lol
  14. Yeah, I know lol, TBH I actually don't mind travelling to Manc to go to LV, because they have everything else there aswell, like HN's, Selfridges, Urban Outfitters etc, so its all good!
    Also can you imagine the Riff Raff, that would be going in LV in liverpool lol! I dread to think!
  15. lmao yeah imagine everyone going in lv liverpool in tracksuits. I went Met Quarter yesturday and bought some shoes from Kurt Geiger, I think LV would fit right in next to flannels :biggrin: