Louis Vuitton Man Bag on My Name is Earl

  1. It's Damier and he calls it a satchel, but it might be a messenger. He's French, and not gay.
  2. Pics?
  3. Was earl carrying it?! :nuts:
  4. OMG! Too funny! I was just watching the show too...I said to my DH, "I bet someone's posting in the PF that this Frenchman has a LV bag!" You are too much!!!
  5. I just saw that!! I loved his bag. He had a suitcase too, I think it was a Damier Pegase?
  6. Cool.
  7. For some reason I never get to watch that show!
  8. ^^ lol. ive never even heard of that show
    (oh well, at least it means that i dont watch too much tv.)
    ((which also means all the time i would be spending on the tv is here!))
  9. man purse.