Louis Vuitton makes luggage for space travel

  1. From the NYT article on the Virgin Galactic spacecraft:

    "The prospect of what denuded passengers would look like in zero gravity made him reconsider, so Mr. Starck is now designing pared-down spacesuits — a rendering shows a plastic-looking bodysuit with attenuated gloves and a dome helmet — and space luggage with the help of Louis Vuitton. (The luxury goods company built on monogrammed suitcases is opening an exhibition about space travel on Friday in its store on the Champs-Élysées, foreshadowing its journey into astronaut accessories.)

    If this sounds preposterous, consider that Virgin Galactic said it has registered some 200 clients for its first flights, with seats beginning around $200,000. They fit the profile of Vuitton shoppers. But Mr. Starck would only hint at what they are developing: something made of transparent materials, roomy enough for cosmic incidentals so that an astronaut could strap it onto a spacesuit and not look lame."

  2. Wow 10/10 for enterprise LV! Will be looking forward to seeing what they produce, doubt I'll have any use for it LOL
  3. I like how it says clients that are flying on that are much like Vuitton shoppers, spending $200,000 on a seat to go to space... haha not all vuitton shoppers lol
  4. lol. Right? :p
  5. This suits perfectly for the brand, it has always been on the forefront of invention in luggage. ;)
  6. its about time LV adds "Space" on their list!

    "Volez, Voguez et Voyagez dans l'Espace avec Valises de Louis Vuitton"

    i hope it comes into fruition, even if most will be earth-bound.
  7. i saw a picture of the space trunk in my local bazaars magazine.its totally unthinkable!!
  8. if you're gonna go to space, might as well go in style. i'm just sayin!
  9. Good on LV I say!
  10. Well, it certainly is the right clientel ! :graucho: