Louis vuitton Mahina L

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  1. Hello, may I know is any Louis vuitton Mahina L made in Italy?
  2. You may want to repost your question in the Louis Vuitton reference Library subforum. That is where all the date codes and information on where the bags are made is listed. I'm sure someone on that subforum will be able to help you quite quickly, or you may be able to get the information quickly just by checking out that sub forum. Good luck, hope this helps!
  3. ^ yes, mine is made in Italy.

  4. Hi, thanks for you reply, may I know if you bought it in Louis Vuitton shop, I am plaining to buy a preowned but I am not sure if they made in Italy

  5. Hi, I am the first time in the forum, I could not find it, can you show me where is it.
  6. ^ yes mine is direct from boutique.
  7. Mine is from Italy too.
  8. Italy!
  9. My Mahina L is made in France. I bought it 2 days ago in Louis Vuitton boutique in Saint-Petersburg. It has the number SP4009 and if I'm not mistaken SP means France.
  10. My Mahina L in black is made in France, it says, made in France. Where did you find that number? I just got my purse today! Before the price increase.
  11. scarlet555, the number is inside the pocket :smile:
  12. Elephanta, number starts with M (written on a piece of yellowish paper?), but it says made in france in front of the pocket.
  13. No, it's not that number. I'm talking about the bag code, it stamped on the material of the bag.
    I'll try to make a picture a bit later.