Louis Vuitton LVoers Weight Loss and Diet Support Group

  1. You are all too kind! And yes, I do need the red one, though DH did not realize how much the scarves actually cost. He grumbled a bit but then smiled when he saw it on me. Well of course they are overpriced - it's LV!

    I'm off to London today! Stay strong and healthy! I am hoping to do that. I have my running shoes packed. The running routes around our hotel in Dublin look fabulous. I have a thing for funning on bridges or near water in general! Running in downtown Portland Oregon may be the greatest route I ever ran, but I think Dublin will top it!
  2. Hope you have a great holiday. I am jealous of your trip. Enjoy
  3. OMG I love this thread! I just read all of your struggle/success stories and I can relate to like all of them!

    I'm 5'10" and over the past few years my weight has crept up to a whopping 265. I feel like I don't have an excuse really...and I don't. I'm 27, I don't have children and I'm inconsistently. I know my weight issues are 90% diet related. I make horrible horrible food choices and as a result don't have energy to actually work toward weight loss.

    My BMI is dangerously high but I haven't taken it seriously because I don't look...here comes the dreaded word, "fat;" that's a very negative and relative term but I'm still happily a size 16...a tight one...but I'm in there lol. I've weighed heavily my entire life, even when I was in prime shape playing NCAA tennis so the number itself isn't too intimidating but the way I feel and the lack of muscle tone and presence of blubber sucks lol.

    So I have some goals that I just want to share with the group...I'm an avid LV lover and hope to continue growing my collection and I love the diversity of TPF and the LV forum that we can come over to Health and Fitness and be a support for each other here!

    My fitness goals...ideally accomplished before the end of the year:

    Run/jog a charity 5k (signed up for one in October)-Couch to 5k training starts tonight!
    Commit to playing tennis 2x a week (I hit with my former college tennis team Wednesdays and Saturdays now, just need to go consistently)
    Ride my bike at least 3x a week (I ride to and from tennis, need to do a weekly trail )
    Attend a beginner's yoga class 1x a week (bought a living social deal)

    Now I the crux for me will be the nutrition and sticking to a regimen that will give me the energy to sustain this new active lifestyle upon which I'm embarking.

    Do you ladies have any tips for someone with a self diagnosed sugar/carb addiction? How do I keep from gorging on everything that tastes sweet and yummy? lol healthy supplements? Foods that trick your body into feeling full? I'm also not an amazing chef...I can cook and follow a recipe but cooking is def not my passion. Any easy recipes would also help!

    Thanks so much ladies, I'm open to all advice!
  4. Welcome to the club. Look at diabetic menu, that really should help. I got diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago and it is pretty easy to get used to reading the carb count. That will help cut out your sugars also, as carbs turn to sugars. Don't read calories. In my Opinion this is easier. I ride my elliptical bike 3 times a week, and do a lot of walking. I am an avid cook, so that is a hard thing to adjust also.
    Good Luck with your new work out routine, hope it works
  5. Choco, as a total carb-lover/sweet addict, I feel your pain! A trick I learned is to have a bag of scotch mints or lifesaver mints (the strong ones!) handy and plan to eat 1 or 2. They're usually about 20 calories each and, for some reason or another, kick my sweet cravings every time (even during PMS!)
  6. In other news, I have to learn how to walk again.

    No, I'm not kidding.

    I have a hip problem (stuck SI joint) and to compensate for it, over the past 10 years I've been using the wrong muscle groups and favouring one leg. My sense of alignment is completely out, I have rotating back and hip pain and I walk with a weird gait.

    I told my husband and he's like "duh. I told you walk funny a long time ago."

    So, fitness is being backburnered in favour of rehabilitation at the moment. *sigh*

  7. Oh my goodness, that is terrible. I feel your pain. What sort of therapy are
    they doing. If you can try traction it is wonderful. Not sure it will work for you re-aligning though. I was doing it 3 times a week. I finally bought a home version. Please keep us informed as to progress. I will keep you in my thoughts that something works.
  8. Totally understand about traction. We got one of those tables for the house (my DH is a gadget man) but it really had minimized many issues. I also...due to foot surgery, have favored one leg, creating hip- toe- and foot issues.

    Rehab takes time. Think about how
    Long it took you to get that way and give yourself that much time to get back to normal.
  9. I totally agree. Has taken me a lot of time to get back to where I am now. Not great but soooooo much better then last couple years. I hope you get some relief
  10. Morning all - just a quick check in! Ran this morning up past parliament and buckingham palace, across the river Thames just in time to hear big Ben with a little detour on the olympic marathon course - may be the greatest run ever!
  11. :smile:
  12. Great fun, and exercise too what a good girl you r.
  13. I'm trying to be good but I am enjoying those pints at the pubs! I had dessert for the first time while here. Last night I had a a shortbread cookie that was topped with caramel and chocolate! It was soooo good. I'm really ashamed to say that I also had a Cadbury mcflurry from McDonald's - after not having fast food in 2012 I go to McDonald's - oh the horrors - but cadbury chocolate is so much better here than at home! But that's what happens when I don't have lunch! I eat too much at night.

    I hope I ran it off this morning - ran about 6 miles this morning.
  14. Moderation is key. You don't have to totally cut out everything just be mindful of how it adds up. If you overextend...go for another one of those big Ben runs to burn it off. Have fun
  15. I just had a baby and need to get back in shape. I started a food home delivery plan today. Wish me luck!