Louis Vuitton LVOE tshirt

  1. has anyone got it yet?

    the off-shoulder version is SOLD OUT before even in-store and there is only display item on the boutique window now in Sydney


    im on the list for the tshirt version at this moment


    just wonder how thick is the material for the tshirt, is it worth it to spent like AU $1100 on it? i want thick good tshirt material, the beads are beautiful ... gosh, im desperate :nuts:

  2. Neither version is sold out in the NYC stores. But I don't know about what sizes are left. The quality is BEAUTIFUL. The material used and the cutting the stitching are all excellent.

    I think these t-shirts are VERY expensive but you have to realize ready-to-wear from LV in general is expensive.

    At those prices I would just go for a LVOE tote. A white stains rather easily and you will def. have to dry-clean it every time...
  3. Ahhh, this is the first time I'm seeing this shirt. OMG, I'm thinking I must have one now. If you love it, then it is definately worth the money imo. :yes:
  4. i LVoe the t shirt but would never pay that amount for a top, I would rather a bag anytime!
  5. I have it and love it! SOO worth it!
  6. ^^^ Crys, it looks AMAZING on you... :graucho:
  7. Second that!
  8. It's gorgeous!:nuts: I would love one if they weren't so expensive.
    Good luck!
  9. third that! :smile:

  10. Very nice!!!
  11. Oh wow i love it i wish my boutique sold clothes :sad: That off the shoulder one is hot!
  12. THANKS!! :shame: :love:

  13. I was just about to say "I would never spend that for a shirt" and then I saw your picture!!! Omgggg Crystal it looks amazing on you!!!! Now I want it!! You are SUCH the enabler!!!!! :smile:
  14. I really love it!
    But IMO I don't think it's worth $1000+..even though it looks amazing..ahh I wish it wasn't so expensive lol.
  15. I like it. I think I saw one at the Houston store?