Louis Vuitton LVOE Tote MM, Model M95467 in khaki color

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    I have bought .....
    a Louis Vuitton LVOE Tote MM, Model M95467 in khaki color when it was first released in June 15, 2007. I phone ordered it from the store in Ala Monoa shopping center in Honolulu. The very next day I received the bag in the mail. Everything was fine at this point. The bag looked good and fit my expectation. To make the story short, after a month after purchase, I took out the bag for a night out, immediately I noticed there are orange spots all over the front of my bag. See photos for spots. At that moment, I was shocked and said to myself what I have done. Well, I haven’t done anything wrong since I did what most of LV owners did. I take good care of my bags and always keep them in their dust bags. No second thought, I gave a call to the store in the Ala Monoa center in Honolulu. The answer I got was they couldn’t do anything since they are so far away from where I am and they suggested I bring the bag to the San Francisco Louis Vuitton Store. Ok, I brought the bag to the store the very next day to the Leather good manager. She was very helpful by sending the bag to the repair factory in the Northern California and promised to call me within two weeks. But, I didn’t get the call from them four weeks later which is ok for me because I know this thing takes time. I was so upset because after all the waiting and spent over $600, the call back I got was saying that the bag is totally fine and the stain was due to some water spilled on it. That is totally unacceptable and ridiculous. So, I told them on the phone I will call back after the holiday and talk to the leather good manager. I want to make myself clear that I am not asking for any refund. All I am asking is to have a brand new bag.
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