Louis Vuitton Luggage

  1. Hi,

    I'm in the market for purchasing a set of LV luggage and would like feedback regarding the durability of the luggage for traveling. In addition I need to ensure that the pieces I purchase can be used as carry-on.

    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. I use the Keepall 55 w/shoulder strap as my Carry on all the time!! I love it, and it was great lugging stuff from school to home. Plus, it's a great bag to fold up and place inside a larger piece of luggage if you plan on shopping a lot on vacation!
  3. I second that!!!
  4. True!! Nothing beats having an extra bag on hand when the shopping gets out of control! ;)

    I have a full set of older Pullman luggage that I had converted to rolling luggage, plus an extra, newer Pegase 50 and 3 Keepall bags in various sizes. They all travel very well, and I've never had any problems going through airports...except for the stares!!
  5. Thanks for the quick responses. I was actually looking to purchase the Pegase 55 and Keepall 55. :smile:
  6. Can you use the Pegase 55 as a carry on luggage???
  7. Yes!

    It is airline approved size. So is the Keepall 55.
  8. Great thread! I was wondering the same thing about the keepall 55.
  9. Thanks, I know the kepall 55 was, but wasn't sure whit the Pegase. (But both are 55 so it make sense..)

    I take my kepall 60 on the plane, no one has ever stopped me....
  10. You've been very lucky then, as the 55 is the biggest "Airline Approved" version of the Keepall.

  11. Both are great pieces, and both can go onboard as "carry ons," although the last time I flew, someone had a Pegase 55, and she was made to check it in. The flight was crowded. I, however, was allowed to keep my 50 with me. Just food for thought...
  12. I just returned from Florida last night with my Pegase 55 in tow, I fly once a month on business to NC on a plane that is too small to accomodate the Pegase in the main cabin so it needs to be checked plane side before boarding and then retrieved on the jetway. I wouldnt check my luggage any other way but at the end of day its luggage.
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  13. I know, I just walk in whit it and smile:smile: :biggrin:
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  14. I would never even risk buying a keepall 60 to take on board.

    Sometime, someone will stop you and insist that you check it.